Prijzen voor de lessen

Body & mind connected



First class free

  • Losse les € 12,50

  • 1 keer per week € 45 / maand

  • 2 keer per week € 60 / maand


  • Kids yoga privé € 25 p/les
  • Kids group yoga € 10/les
  • €35 p/maand

Min 4 kids (leeftijd: 5-8,8-12,12-17)

  • Anti-stress

  • Small groups

  • More flexibility

Privé lessen

€ 50 / lesson

Een privéles gebaseerd op je eigen behoeftes. 


2e persoon 50% discount

  • More attention

  • More adjustments

  • Specific advice


Ayurvedische massage 

€60 / 60 min

€30 / 30 min (gerichte plek)

Ayurvedische yoga

€ 55 p/les

Ayurvedische voeding en lifestyle consult

€ 60 


Stuur een DM/ PM of bericht me op whatsapp +31651042240 voor meer info! 



Do I need to take a mat?

No, I have all the equipment, but you can always take your own ofcourse.

How big are the classes?

I teach small classes (1-6 persons)

Is my first class free?

Yes, the first class is always free!

Am I flexible enough?

Yoga is for everyone and every body, don't worry about it!

Is there a toilet or shower available?

A toilet is available, shower isn't

When is yoga for me?

Yoga is for everyone who needs some peace and rest in their daily life. I teach from young ages till old!